Capital Church

We are committed to :

  • Keep on listening to where the spirit of God works in our fellowship and how we can be authentic believers who follow Jesus.
  • Be intentional about including and welcoming youth and young adults and aim to be a place where we grow young in our energy for sharing who Jesus is in our lives.
  • Be intentionally inclusive to our Maori Whanau  and pray we can be a church that live and embrace the richness of our Tangata Whenua.
  • Welcome and embrace our rainbow community of brothers and sisters a we grow in learning how an inclusive church looks.
  • Be a safe and healing church for all
  • Live well and love well in Wellington



Capital Church’s values are based in the bible which we believe to be Gods inspired word to us.


Psalm 96.9
We are committed to honoring God through joyful expressions in our worship services. We hear and experience the power of God’s presence through music, relevant Bible messages and the creativity of art


Philippians 3:14
We understand that everyone is not at the same place or going at the same pace in his or her experience with God. We seek to provide opportunities for spiritual growth in your personal relationship with Jesus through prayer and reading and studying the Bible and by continuing to commit to Jesus, to growing in Him and to serving in ministry.

As well as our Saturday morning worship and study, small groups meet during the week to give you places to interact and grow spiritually, share challenges and discover principles that lead to a deeper understanding of God and His plan for your life.


Galatians 2:14-15
We understand that culture changes, so we have to change — our methods, not the message —to reach people for Jesus. We are committed to sharing the gospel in a way everyone will be able to understand. We are committed to making our music, preaching, language and outreach relevant to our area. Because we’re serious about our commitment to reach our community, we will do and try anything and everything to help people get to know, fall in love with and follow Jesus.


Luke 4:18-19
We consider it our privilege and mission to offer our time, energy and abilities to serve in our community and in the world. We embrace everyone as brothers and sisters in Jesus and strive to extend unconditional kindness and service to people in need. Through various ministries that serve the local community, we try to connect with and help people because they are children of God.


Matthew 19:14
We’re committed to supporting and nurturing children and equipping families to make lifelong decisions for God. Kids are the most impressionable people in our community; many kids decide to follow Jesus do so before age 13. As a result, we include our children, and as a church community, we ensure they also have special time set aside with creative interaction to learn about God and fall in love with Jesus.


Matthew 28:19-20
We believe the good news of Jesus is the best news for our world. It’s our mission to reach out to those who don’t have a relationship with Him and share the hope that we’ve discovered. We’re serious in embracing Jesus’ great commission and in being personally relevant to our community as we seek opportunities to invite others to fully connect with Him and with us. We take Jesus’ words “as you are going” to heart and are committed to going out into the community before asking the community to come to us.