What’s Happening


In this COVID-19 time, Capital Church want to be faithful not fearful
and part of healing not hurting our nation.
Therefor during this time we have  temporarily moved our worship online
on our facebook page
we still sing, pray, and share a gospel message.
 Join us Saturdays at 11.30 am ( NZ time)




Tuesday: small group ( in home) ON ZOOM at the moment. message us for connections
Saturday: Worship : For now we meet online, bring your own BEVERAGE and bible and join us on facebook  / zoom( see above for details)

Normally Our doors open at 11 for morning tea  and talk and the  service starts at 11.30  and runs to about 1 pm. During the service there are activities for young children.  



02 Kirsten Lundqvist

09 Lance Boulton

16 Kirsten Lundqvist: THE GAMECHANGER- Jesus comes down to earth

23 Joshua Stothers:  THE GAMECHANGER-The Lamb of God

30 Andre Afamasaga: THE GAMECHANGER- The Disciples believe



06 Paul Whiting: THE GAMECHANGER- Whoever believes in Him shall not perish

13 Anganette Hall: THE GAMECHANGER-Outsiders believe

20 Kirsten Lundqvist: THE GREAT I AM- Life through the Son

27 Melanie Malifa: THE GREAT I AM- The Bread of Life


o4 Maika Peehikuru: THE GREAT I AM- The water of Life

11 Paul Whiting: THE GREAT I AM- The light of the world

18 Jesse HErford: THE GREAT I AM – The good shepherd

25 TBC