What’s Happening



Tuesday: small group ( in home)
Thursday:  Soup and study in church 18.00
Saturday: Worship :  Our doors open at 11 for morning tea  and talk and the  service starts at 11.30  and runs to about 1 pm. During the service there are activities for young children.
 Every 3rd Saturday in the month, our teens to get together during service with Araz


 In our Neighbourhood series

July 20 Kirsten Øster Lundqvist

July 27 Anganette Hall

Aug 3 Our Neighbours Blueprint and Scottie Reeve

Aug 10 Paul Whiting

Aug 17  Kirsten Øster Lundqvist

Aug 24  World Vision w Dave Marshall

Aug 31  Mel Malifa



7 Sept Capital Praise, our music worship day








Sep 14:  Dale Hoskin

Sep 21:  Kirsten Lundqvist

Sep 28: Anganetta Hall 




12 Oct Lance Boulton

19 Oct Kirsten Lundqvist

26 Oct Jesse Herford